Duration : 08 Nights/ 09 Days
Destination: Varanasi - Bodhgaya - Nalanda - Rajgir - Vaishali - Kushinagar - Lumbini - Sravasti - Lucknow


The package named Footsteps of Lord Buddha covers the tour to Varanasi, Bodhgaya, Nalanda, Rajgir, Vaishali, Kushinagar, Lumbini, Sravasti and finally Lucknow.

Varanasi, also known as Kashi is one of world's oldest living cities and is called the religious capital of India. Lying on the bank of sacred river Ganga, it is one of the seven holy spots for Hindus. This tour package then takes you the venerable tourist trap Bodh Gaya. Original Bodhi Tree under which the Buddha gained enlightenment and the Lotus tank inside the Bodhi temple complex are main places to visit. Nalanda, an ancient core of higher learning in Bihar and place of scenic beauty Rajgir located in a valley spell bounds the tourists. The package highlights the tour to Vaishali that enshrined Lord Buddha’s ashes and where Lord Buddha preached his last sermon. Ashok Pillars in the birth place of Lord Buddha at Lumbini and Chaumukhi are interesting places to roam about. Kushinagar has Mahaparinirwana temple representing the statue of dying Buddha reclining on his right side. The Ashoka pillar in Lumbini constructed by King Ashoka pulls the attraction of tourists. Jetavana, one of the most eminent of the Buddhist monasteries in India is located in Sravasti where Buddha passed the greater part of his monastic life. Bara Imambara in Lucknow is an extensive historical monument of India and the world's largest arched room without any pillars. The Rumi Darwaza of Lucknow is an example of the fine architectural style of Awadh.

Day 01 : Delhi - Varanasi 

To start a marvelous spiritual journey along the Footsteps of Buddha, all you is to arrive in the Holy city of Varanasi. You will be welcomed and extended all kinds of help on your arrival. Avail of the transport to your hotel. After check in give yourself time to relax and to be one with the holy environment. Attend the evening prayer at the Holy Ganges. 

Day 02: Varanasi City Tour

Take a ride on the boat on the river Ganges in the morning. Various devotees gather on the bank at that time and the priests perform rituals for them. The holy river in the mellow sunlight looks absolutely divine. After that head for a half day guided trip of the city. Take time to have your lunch and then set out for Sarnath. Return to the hotel after the visit.

Day 03: Varanasi – Bodhgaya

After completing your breakfast at the hotel restaurant, drive down to Bodhgaya. Checkin at the hotel pre booked. Spend the day in leisure and experience calmness of the night at this holy place.

Day 04: Bodhgaya City Tour

The Mahabodhi tree and Temple are the most important tourist attractions of the place. After visiting that, in the late afternoon pay a visit to the Niranjana Temple and the river. This is followed by a simple lunch and a visit to the school for the destitute. Spend your second night under the starry sky of this restful and serene place.

Day 05: Bodhgaya – Nalanda – Rajgiron

The beauty of the dawn in the place is something one should not miss out. Start early and visit Rajgir and Nalanda. Both the places have history sprinkled all over them. Stay overnight at a hotel in Rajgir. 

Day 06: Rajgir – Vaishali – Kushinagar

Vaishali is another Buddhist shrine of historical significance. Start early and visit this shrine. The place is associated with the life of Lord Buddha and to go by the legend, Buddha delivered the last sermon of his life in this place before ‘Nirvana’. Afterwards proceed to visit other places of attractions like the Lotus Tank, Ashok Pillar and Chaumukhi. Then head towards Kushinagar for an overnight stay.

Day 07: Kushinagar – Lumbini

After breakfast, pay a visit to the Mahanirvana Temple and give yourself some time to have the tranquility of the place sink in you. You head towards the newly constructed Sri Lanka and Japan Buddhist Center. At the monasteries will get to feel Buddhism closely. With the blissful feel avail the transport to the hotel for dinner and an equally peaceful night stay. 

Day 08: Lumbini – Sravasti – Lucknow

After breakfast get ready for yet another experience of a lifetime. Visiting the Ashok Pillar of 249 BC is such a humbling experience. This regal cenotaph was constructed by the famous King Ashok, at the birth place of Gautama Buddha. Visit Mayadevi Temple. This ancient Buddhist monastery is currently in ruins however, you’ll find few stupas that were built in later times. Take a drive to Lucknow in the afternoon. Stop in the middle at Sravasti. This ancient city now lies deserted and covered with ruin. Do not forget to visit the Jetavana Monastery at Sravasti.

Day 09: Lucknow – Delhi

Take a tour through the city after breakfast. Bara Imambara with its grand architecture is sure to surprise you. This is completely devoid of any pillars, girder, beam or any such support. The Central Hall inside has the pride of being the biggest arched room in the world. Rumi Darwaza, the next destination is a replica of that in Istanbul. It is a superior illustration of Awadh architecture. Then head for the airport in the evening for a flight to Delhi. Spend the night in the city hotel of the capital. There comes the end of the 9 day trip on the Footsteps of Buddha.




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