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Create your own tour

If our tours are not quite what you want or you want to go somewhere else entirely, we can assist you to create your own perfect tour.

Here are some options:

1. Add or subtract nights to our tours.
If you want 3 nights in Jaisalmer instead of two, just ask and we'll quote. You can also subtract nights, but it's not recommended: India is best savored slowly.

2. Add stops to our existing tours. If our tours are almost right, but you want to see other places that are "on the way",
or a little off the set route, let us know which places you'd like to stop at and
for how long, and we'll quote you a price.

3. Go somewhere else entirely. Maybe we've just not mentioned the place
you'd like to go.
Email your chosen places and we'll put together an itinerary. So that we can provide you with a swift and efficient service.

Your choices

Please take a look at your options and then email us to begin planning your perfect trip!

You can choose from our standard range of cars:

Tata Indica seats 1 or 2 people
Ambassador seats 1 to 4
Indigo seats 1 to 4
Qualis seats up to 6
Innova seats up to 6

It may also be possible to source alternative cars for you, so if you have a specific car in mind (e.g. Camry ), please email and we will let you know if it's possible.

You can choose a car only tour and book your own hotels,
You can use our standard selection of midrange hotels.
You can upgrade your hotels to heritage or 4 star.
You can mix and match midrange and upgraded hotels as you like, just let us know.

How to plan
We always do our best to accommodate your wishes, but there are a few things we respectfully ask you to consider when planning your tour.

Firstly, the distance between stops. In general, progress on Indian roads is slow; as a rough guide you should consider 250km per day the maximum possible. We will consider longer drives but for your safety and comfort we recommend you think carefully about the distances you are traveling in one go.

Secondly, try not to rush. You could stop for one night only at each place on your tour. However, it's likely you'll find it's all a blur when you get back home. In addition, the driver is covering huge distances every single day, compromising your safety. We will always suggest you plan for some 2 or 3 night stops in any itinerary longer than 4 days.

Thirdly, we will not entertain any requests to drive overnight.


Plan you own tour to Travel in India

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